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Island Trivia Night


Think you know all about the Island? Challenge your Island knowledge and that of your friends. Get a group together to join the fun at the Second Annual Island Trivia Night, to be held Monday, August 12. Unfamiliar with Island Trivia? Island Trivia is twenty questions. A moderator asks teams each question, then you and your group have four minutes to decide on your answer. At the end of the evening, the team with the highest point score wins! Get your team together, pick a name, and come win some fabulous prizes competing with your neighbors! Your ticket purchase will get you in to this wonderful party, delicious hors d’oeuvres, entrees, desserts and wine!


Tables are $400 and Individual seats are $50 per person. When you have made your selections, proceed to checkout on the top right of the page. Tickets will be available for pickup at the door.

We would not want for you to miss out on all of the fun.
Make sure to reserve your table today! See the current teams below.

 North of the Door 
Charlie & Julie Imig
Chari & Ham Rutledge
Dale & Astrid Cissno
Lew & Deb Clark

 Team Redundant 
Steve & Betsy Wallman
Gary & Amy Delzel
Jo & Doug Kibbe
Lucia & Pete Petrie

Sally & Rich Handley
Linda & Jerry Henkel
Tom & Wendy Cooke
Ellen & Jerry Landwehr

 Team JoJo 
Joel & Krista Gunnlaugsson
Dave Foss
Matt Foss
Rick Heeneman
Hoyt Purinton
Ann Young
Butch Young

Mike & Judy Berger
Dick & Sally Clancy
Jim & Margaret Young
Jim & Kathleen Morris

 Eight Shades of Grey 
Joanne Jessen & Dan Brandel
Betty & Leon Shellswick
Joanne Jack & Howard Scott
Will & Ginny Craig

 Masters of Minutia 
Mike & Judy Ryan
Larry & Jeanna Young
Daryl Johnson
Jeanne Hutchins
Amy Rose & Steve Lynch

 Grey Foxes 
Paul & Letha Heaton
Suzie & Ted Harper
Doug & Beth Caruana
John Heaton
Kathy Young

 School House Beach Rocketts 
Larry & Donna Russell
Richard & Barbara Russell
Lou & Gloria Small
Randy Sorenson
Melinda Ellefson

 Table 10 
Lois Amsler
"Bernie" Carol Bernstein
Jim & Drew Tibbens
Kaye & Rolf Norman
Monica & Dave Novak