Theater Upgrades at the TPAC

During this quiet season, the Trueblood Board and staff are working behind the scenes on theater upgrades. Emmett Woods, consulting with acoustic engineers and other theater professionals, has identified areas that, after 12 years, are in need of replacement. 

As time has passed, some of the used equipment that we acquired to open the facility in 2004, is now truly obsolete. Old equipment demands repairs and when broken switches and faders are beyond repair, they must be bypassed. In addition, TPAC rigging includes immovable lengths of pipe that support stage curtains, lighting fixtures, and cyclorama. The absence of a movable grid makes installation, adjustments, and maintenance of equipment quite difficult. We also want the TPAC to be a performing arts training ground for the Washington Island School. We feel a responsibility to upgrade equipment so that we can be training students using the latest technology.

Priority items are stage lighting which would include a control console as well as multiple new lighting fixtures, new audio equipment that would include a digital mixer, digital stage box, speakers and an audio processing computer, and finally, installing truss rigging for light fixtures and motors to raise and lower lighting.

To cover the high costs of these improvements, we are submitting grants to foundations and corporations who support the arts. If you are aware of a business or foundation that you think would be a good fit for our needs, we would be most grateful if you would contact Betsy Wallman or Board President Bruce McClaren.